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Oleh Kachmar

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Deputy Director for Science and Research

Education and Training

1978 - 84 Lviv state medical institute, medical department
1986 postgraduate training in psychiatry, Lviv Medical Institute
1987 advanced training in neurology, Lviv Medical Institute
1992 advanced training in electro diagnostics and electromyography
1994 gait analysis training, Heideldberg University
1994, 1997, 2004 advanced functional diagnostics training, Kharkiv medical institute
2005 advanced training on rehabilitation diagnostics, Kiev medical academy of postgraduate education

Professional experience

1985–1986 Internship in Rivno regional hospital
1986-1989 physiatrist in Ostrog regional physhiatry hospital
1989-1990 research assistant of Lviv Medical Institute
1990-1996 Rehabilitation center „Elita“ (Lviv) psychotherapist later doctor of functional diagnostics
1996–2003 Institute for Medical Rehabilitation (Truskavets) doctor of functional diagnostics later vice director on research work
2003 - 2009 International Clinic of Rehabilitation (Truskavets), Head of Neurophysiological Department and Information Center
2009 - now International Clinic of Rehabilitation (Truskavets), Head of Innovative Technologies Department and Information Center

Participation in the research projects and developments

  • Telemetric movement measurement system
  • Gait analysis study of patients with Cerebral Palsy
  • Hospital Information system “Avalon” with electronic medical record
  • Computer game devices for movement disorders treatment
  • Web page development and maintenance
  • Remote consulting of patients with video consultations

  In 1997 defended Ph.D. thesis “Static and Motor Functions of Patients with Cerebral Palsy and their Changes During the Treatment”.

  Regular publications in the medical journals and participation in the national and international conferences and meetings.