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Main components

The Intensive Rehabilitation System, developed by Prof. V.I. Kozyavkin, is based on an original method of polysegmental biomechanical correction of the spine.
Methods for mobilizing limb joints are used to restore their mobility and correct muscular and articular imbalance, improve trophic processes, and create new conditions for forming better movements.
We use reflexotherapy methods to potentiate achieved muscle relaxation, deactualize myofacial trigger points, and correct somatic and autonomic disorders. Classical reflexotherapy methods are used together with our personally developed influence algorithms.
We apply a special massage system as part of the INRS rehabilitation program in order to provide biomechanical correction of the spinal column, relax spastic muscles and influence myofacial trigger points.
Remedial exercises are aimed at improving existing motor functions and forming new ones in order to help the patient achieve more advanced forms of locomotion and develop important skills for everyday life.
Mechanotherapeutic devices are used to develop muscle strength, improve coordination, and encourage proper movement patterns. The physical therapist finds the best training regimen by adjusting the length of the levers, load weights, and the number of repetitions.
We use wax and paraffin applications and bee venom therapy in order to stimulate the body’s defences, and improve local blood circulation, trophic and metabolic processes.